Catherine Weir is an artist and member of the Glasgow band
Fallope and the Tubes.

Anne Lesley Selcer is a poet who writes about art. She is the author of Blank Sign Book, a collection of essays, and of Sun Cycle, a poetry book about the image. Her chapbooks and gallery publications include from a Book of Poems on Beauty, Banlieusard, and Untitled (a treatise on form).

Shary Boyle is a Canadian contemporary visual artist working in the mediums of sculpture, drawing, painting and performance. She currently lives and works in Toronto.

Norman Shaw is an artist, writer, and musician from the Scottish

Paul Jon Milne is an Edinburgh-based illustrator and lapsed animator. He makes art and comics about unemployment and muscles and jokes and mental health and rad outfits and hott hunxx and Scottish kitchen sink science fiction.
Twitter @PaulJonMilne

James Champagne is a writer of weird and pleasant fiction. Based in Rhode Island USA, he is the author of Confusion, Grimoire, Autopsy of an Eldritch City, Harlem Smoke, and Catechisms of the Starless Cube (forthcoming). He also runs the Mauve Zone Recordings netlabel.

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