Anne Lesley Selcer

A Ferocious Sea: Part One

It was a lacquered day in a gold-blue sea. There was a white rowboat. In the boat alone, naked with nothing on but a crown of curls, she straddled the bench, calves golden loaves under the sun. She flexed two oars through velvet heavy water. Her ass flexed and her midriff tightened as she pulled a stroke, her thighs gripping the bench. The waves batted the sun back and forth. Her hair caught sunlight and shot it around between curls. She was watched by the inviolate sun as a baby is watched by their mother.

She rowed, an animal without bones or joints, sound off, a liquid slip upon the sea. The boat glid like glass. All along she went like this, but fell into a dream. Before long, her boat tipped just barely. Her heart rolled, golden hairs glittering upon her warm limbs. The symmetrical seam of her ass, the several roundnesses of her arms and chest, the golden conversation of curls around her head—she felt something wanted her. Her boat somersaulted over a big hill of wave. She listened hard to the sea and heard something coming; it was not a roar, it was not like weather.

A cool splash took her breath away. From behind her, a sucker-covered tentacle grabbed at her waist. A seawater sash slashed atop her eyes. Deeply and darkly, her center opened. She rowed fast grasping with her oars at tight water. She gulped back to row and felt a tentacle underneath her ass,
which, before she knew, slid in. In an argument with her cunt, it clutched, a small tug-of-war.

Light radiated up thought her spine. All around her body, gold concupiscent rays. Before long, our hero was sideways in her boat now a see-saw, her legs split, her mouth opened, a whole thick tentacle, strong as a monster, working its unrelenting way insid1e her. Her waist was strapped tightly, her chest held down, a thick tentacle wrapped across her eyes. Suckers inhaled her bright, round nipples. She gripped, and her whole round mouth filled up…

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